Committees & Projects

Refreshments for Meetings:

Commitment: 7 evening meetings throughout the schoolyear: Bring water and cookies for 7 PTSA meetings.

Chair: Kelly Collier 425-429-1031

Teacher/Staff Appreciation:

Commitment: One event: Teachers Appreciation Week is from Monday, May 2nd to Friday, May 6th. Organize nice lunch one day or buy each teacher a gift or have a random prize for one or two staff members.

Co chairs: Andrea Lopez 253-835-2266 Crystal Kao 530-262-0030



Saghallie Days:

Commitment: One event: Open to your discretion: Possibly help the student leadership with setting up, providing refreshments, giving out candy, crackers, prizes, decorating… End of school year.

Chair: __________________________________



Turkey Trot:

Commitment: One event: Pick up a few cases of water at Costco and sell them or give them away at Turkey Trot.   Get other parents to help man the sales.

Chair: Crystal Kao 530-262-0030


U-Jam Dance Fit:

Commitment: to be determined (Once? Twice?) Find a dance instructor who can come to school immediately after school lets out and charge kids a fee to attend the fun Zumba dance party in the gym. This chairperson needs to get permission from the school and man the cash box for this. Super fun. Leadership team LOVED this idea.

Chair: Lori Bratz 425-761-8263


Otis Spunk Meyer Fresh Baked Cookies:

Commitment: To be determined by chairperson Buy Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough from Costco, get the Otis Spunkmeyer cookie ovens out of the closet in the teacher’s lounge, bake and sell cookies to people NOT DURING school hours, put cooled ovens back in closet. Ex: 2/$1 Ex: Saghalie open house, your kids/ sports events, STEM night…

Chair: Robert Meek 206-478-5178



Media Person:

Commitment: Frequent:

Post events/updates on Facebook fan page and all FWPS websites. Contact Lori to get help posting about your events.

Chair: Lori Bratz 425-761-8263

Corporate Donations

Commitment: Off-site in your own time

Contact businesses for donations/prizes/free food/discounted food/ etc. for our PTSA. Other chair persons will contact you looking for freebies for their events. Examples: Starbucks Walmart, Fred Meyers, Safeway, Smith Bros Dairy Farm.

Co chairs: Crystal Kao 530-262-0030

Robert Meek 206-478-5178

Wes Collier

Student Leadership/ASB Liaison:

Commitment: email relationship between yourself and the students’ advisors making sure we’re helping when needed.

Chair: Liz Stiteler 206-940-5623