Time to Join PTSA

Hello Saghalie parents!

We would like to welcome you to another excellent year at Saghalie and invite you to join our PTSA. Our goal is to support the school, the kids, the teachers and the administrators in any way that we can. Last year we took Saghalie families to a Mariner’s game, brought lunch in for the teachers during conference week and we bought t-shirts for some SOAR kids!

Sometimes we parents see our children turning into mature, capable people who walk to school or who just get dropped off and we forget that they’re still children and they really do appreciate their parents being involved. Even my own big teenager has remarked, in as cool a demeanor as he could muster that he’s proud that his mom does stuff for the school and that seeing me around sometimes is nice. Aww!

When you join our PTSA you will NOT bugged to do a ton of projects, you won’t be asked for money and you don’t HAVE to come to every meeting.  You CAN bring your students, and we’ll see about arranging an on-site babysitter in case you need to bring little kids.

We are planning to meet the third Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. in the Saghalie library. This gives families time to feed their children, go to after-school activities and do homework.

Three promises I will personally make:

#1. I promise you that we are a very comfortable group of folks!  You are VERY welcome at our meetings. Saghalie’s teachers and administrators are super kind and lovely people and together, we all make the school nice and fun for the children.

#2. I promise you that middle school PTSA is not the time-commitment you might remember from elementary school PTSA. We do a fraction of what elementary school PTSA’s do because our bigger kids have an active student government. They take care of a lot of business for themselves. Our goal is to support the teachers and the kids in whatever they need.

#3. I promise you there will be food at this meeting.

Three favors I am personally asking of you:

#1. Please ask your friends to join our PTSA. We need to have enough people at our meetings to be able to vote on things, including paying bills!

#2. Please come to our next meeting. Your students are welcome to join and participate!  We need a few student volunteers to work on some neat stuff coming up.

#3. Please like our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SaghaliePTSA

This is going to be a great year!

Call or email me if you have any questions!

Lori Bratz, Saghalie PTSA VP